Our submission for the Extra Credits 2020 Game Jam!

The forest is in danger by a maniac arsonist robot! Ride with your trusty llama friend Pícala to chase it down! Too bad Pícala had to skip a meal, so she won't give it her all until you feed her first.


WASD to move around

Left Click to shoot your water gun

Right Click to shoot your fruit picker to feed Pícala.

M: Mute

F: Toggle Fullscreen

P/Space: Pause

The theme for the jam was 'Take Care' which started pretty wide for us, but eventually we settled down with the idea of taking care of a creature while it helps you take care of the forest. We wanted to explore an unusual narrative so we went with an Andean theme with a robot setting.


Drawings, Animation and Programming: Antonio Villamandos

Music: Moralo González

We hope you enjoy our little game.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, abya-yala, altiplano, dodging, llama, Runner, Singleplayer


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Picala is such a cutie! She has such a great derpy face I love it >~<

The game also feels really cohesive and polished. The art and music/sound effects complement each other and blend well with the gameplay. It's just the right amount of scope for a game jam game. uwu
So close to beating the game, but the boss projectiles seem to trip me up so hard xD Either I don't see them or I try to dodge them, but hit the apple tree instead or something lol.

But yeah, it was a fun game! Really liked it.

Glad you liked it! And great to hear what you mention about the scope, we stuck to one level trying to  develop it as much as possible.

But on a similar note, once we put it all together we were nearly out of time to  playtest and tweak the difficulty, so it can get reeaaally insane towards the end with all the stuff coming at you, hahah!!