A duel for the Magnanimous Cereal Concoction!

This game was created for the First Extra Credits Design Jam.

Play as Wizlog, an inexperienced wizard which took the reckless decision of challenging the mighty Spirk in search for a glorious bowl of arcane cereal. Do you have the wits to even the odds?

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose commands with the mouse, the rest is presented ingame.

The inspirational theme was the concept of "Awesome Per Second", a pretty open term which led me to look for ideas that made sense with a reasonable amount of content condensed on a short form, but could lose their appeal on an expanded edition. Which led me to this turn-based  one-battle wizard duel with a bunch of silly creatures.

The game is on an overall stable state, with a bunch of possible features pending (mainly more developed patterns for Spirk), but the core gameplay is present with a good share of goofy animation. Enjoy!

UPDATE - AUG 20 - Fixed a font display issue.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing, Strategy
Made withConstruct
TagsComedy, creatures, extracreditsjam, Fantasy, Magic, oldschool, Turn-Based Combat, Wizards


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Fun game.  I liked the creative choices for the animated creatures!

Thanks! it was fun to explore what could be done out of some pretty mundane objects :)

Super fun!